I was a powerhouse of modern literature.  

In, like, 9th grade.

Then I went to college, learned a bunch of amazing skills and techniques that honed my literary skill, sharpening it to epic…sharpness.

Then  I forgot it all, in the wake of rum-drinking and ice-cream-shoppe-assistant-managing.

I had my heart broke.

Like actually broke.  And I think I might be the first human being that’s ever happened to.

 Then my writing got good again.

Except I was only writing about dragons and wizards.

So, not good.

Now I’m a little more serious.  I write about robots too.  

Two years ago, with pennies in my pocket (aka–my savings account) I made my way to the North Shore of Minnesota.  And made something of myself.  More or less.

I’m a struggling author that may or may not have a book on the horizon.  

I pay my way via serving and what could be loosely-defined as ‘bartending.’

Two years ago, it was a prison sentence.

Now I don’t want to leave.

I also really like pizza and Transformers.

This blog is about writing in the same way that Ghostbusters was a horror film.

~ Mikel ~

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  2. Gretzler says:

    Time to update?

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