peace out, 2017

Wow, seems like just a couple posts ago I was saying Peace Out, 2016. Oh. I was. So 2017 was not a very productive year for the ol’ blog. Let’s see. There was one complaining about the Transformers movie, one telling Star Wars fans not to complain about The Last Jedi, and one about Christmas […]

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gut reactions to #thelastjedi

George Lucas often said not to be so precious about Star Wars. Rian Johnson listened. Last night, surrounded by my oldest pals, I watched in awe as The Last Jedi unfolded in front of my eyes. The lead-up to these films is somewhat embarrassing for me. I’m always more stressed than a human should be […]

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peace out, 2016

2017. That number just sounds cooler already. I have a real love/hate thing going on with 2016. On one hand, it’s the worst year in the history of human existence (maybe even worse than the infamous 2009). On the other, some pretty great things happened. To me. Not to the world. Again, just awful for […]

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toy hall of shame

  Earlier this week, a big vote (of which I had a lot of stake in) ended with unexpected results. The Toy Hall of Fame (yeah, it’s a thing) inducted a new toy into their pantheon of the greatest toys in history and it was NOT my  beloved Transformers. An American tragedy. Perhaps not enough people voted for those […]

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going once, going twice…

This weekend was…interesting. And it started with a bang. For the last few weeks, I’ve been helping my dad prepare for a garage sale. Our first joint business endeavour. On his side of the garage? Practical household items, home furnishings, appliances, and kitchenware. On my side? Just the opposite. A lifetime of frivolous purchases and […]

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