whirlwind finale

The end of the year approaches.  Fast.  It is very evident as my ski resort gears up for the busiest season of all time.

The busiest day of revenue the resort has seen was a Saturday this summer where we did $8000 in business.  This Tuesday past we did $6000.

$2000 short of our busiest Saturday.  On a Tuesday.  Oh yeah, the storm is coming.

Christmas was good to me.  I pulled a double shift and scored some holiday pay–not to mention folk tend to tip nicer on the holidays.  I did get Christmas night to myself and enjoyed it the best way I know how:  Reassembling all the dismembered Transformers action figures my cousin’s son scored from Santa.  I made a night of it.  Currently, I find myself in a ‘business negotiation’ with the boy over one particular Transformer, arguably the coolest one ever.  The offer stands at 5 Star Wars action figures.

You could say I’m obsessed with Transformers.

All in all, 2010 was a good year.  Unlike that god-awful 2009.  I was never happier to see a year end.  If I would have been in a coma just for that year, I wouldn’t have minded it.  Sure, 2 jobs closed on me in 2010, but I don’t blame it.  2009, however, was a bathroom floor from which I couldn’t stand up from.  It was the vomit-filled toilet of my life.  It was the blinding bare bulb burning the retina of my ambition.

One of 2010’s best qualities was that it wasn’t 2009.

And now I write from my bed, watching “Beast Wars: Transformers” on a crisp hi-def TV screen.  Anyone remember that show?  I do because I’m obsessed with all things Transformers, but perhaps you’re not so fortunate.  Have I mentioned my Transformers obsession?

Yesterday’s marathon was “Mystery Science Theater 3000.”  Also known as the best thing to come out of Minnesota.  Ever.

I know what you’re thinking:  how unproductive can one human be?  Easy, buddy.   In the last couple days, I’ve managed to recover from a hangover, reorganize my bedroom, pay my bills, register for an anime convention, buy my belated Christmas present (a Kindle edition of that genius Scott Westerfeld‘s steampunk epic “Behemoth”), and get my resume in order and apply for an Editor gig.

Yeah, okay, I turn into a major nerd on my two days off.  Being this charming at work is exhausting–I’ll do what I want on my ‘weekend.’

And I really, really, really want that job.  Correcting grammar and spelling is a hobby of mine.  I don’t care how annoying it gets for everybody else. around me.

Apparently I also found time to catch up on my blogging as well.  Good job, me, I owe you a delicious Subway sandwich later.

I also hope to find time to do a little character sketching and story outlining.  While I’m still planning on fleshing out the characters for my dragon epic, that cunning bastard Westerfeld has got my interest in steampunk and alternate history to an all-time high.  Thus, I have some new ideas.  And just when I thought I was going to toss it away, somebody said they loved it–ain’t that just how it goes?

Better start brushing up on Prohibition Era Manhattan.  Hint hint.

Anyway, I’m not above stereotypically cliche New Year’s Resolutions so here they are:

  1. Lose some weight and get in shape.
  2. Give up soda with my cousin as part of the “No Pop Challenge.”
  3. Finish writing a fucking book.
  4. More vegetables.
  5. Read another wizard epic no matter how consuming they are.
  6. Get serious about a career path.
  7. Make some $$$

All good things.  Let’s get to it.


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