out of the gate…and into the fire.

Let’s just say 2011 hasn’t gone exactly to plan.

I’ve made peace with the job prospect fiasco.  While the jury is still out on if it was truly my error, it does not bode well to have a typo on a resume submitted to a publishing house for an Editor position.

And they tell me I’m not really cursed.  Prove it.

I’ve also decided I want to get the hell out of the North Shore as soon as humanly possible, so I’ve resigned to stepping up my game as a server in order to get the most possible money as fast as possible.

So of course my hours got cut and the shift has hit a customer drought.  Did I mention there may be a curse involved?

However, I’m trying to stay positive.  And considering how much negativity I’m capable of generating, relatively-speaking, I’m practically a one-man pep squad.

And at least I’m writing.  Quality and quantity.  Definite progress.  How much future is there for a scifi/alternate history/steampunk Prohibition-era story?  Hopefully a ton.  I’ve invested a lot of time and effort into this project already.  I don’t usually draw detailed maps for my writing endeavors, let alone perform all the cutting-and-taping involved in making this one, er, functional.

But writing is writing.  Every little bit counts.  Even when I write a mocking work story that the president of the company gets his hands on.  Yeah, facing that music tomorrow.  Either I’ll be promoted or fired.

Of course, as I decide to leave this place, it gets more comfortable.  The library becomes more welcoming, the environment more habitable.  And then as a double sucker-punch, two of my best friends back home suddenly have rooms open and are desperate for a taker.

It would sure beat the 5 nights a week I’m stuck babysitting.  I think.  Either that or it would be a distraction.    I’ve got some time to figure it out, but not much.

Alright, let’s wrap this up; the nobody that’s not reading this blog probably has more important things to do.

I will say there’s a book list I’d like to follow this year.  If the world is going to end in 2012, I better finish all those novels that have struck me over the years.  Dan Simmon’s “Hyperion” is at the top as is “Hunter’s Planet” which is an Alien vs. Predator novel.  Scary stuff.  Both novels had covers that struck me as a child and clung to me over the years.

Well, I”m dozing off to working on this blog.  More tomorrow I’m sure.  Goodnight and Good Luck.



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