a modest proposal

In researching for my 1920s Prohibition Era Steampunk epic–yeah, you heard me–I came across a glossary of slang terminology for the Roaring ’20s.

And might I say, it’s the bees knees.

Is it so much to ask that we bring back some of these cool phrases? Like “It’s the berries,” which means it’s the best.

The closest thing we have to that now is “It’s the sh*t.” How delightfully eloquent.

Even at it’s trashiest, 20s lingo sounds cool. All the women were dames and dolls.  If you were a hood you could get pinched.

Take this conversation I just made up between an aviator and a flapper discussing kissing:

“How ’bout some cash, doll?”

“Bank’s closed, fly boy.  Now dry up.”

Looks like that guy will have to hit the nearest gin mill for some giggle water.

Ah, the ’20s.  Even the gangsters were celebrities.  What a glorious time to be alive.   It was truly the berries.



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