one book for the rest of my life

I have a love/hate relationship with choosing a new book to read.  It is both exhilarating and nerve-wracking.

It is a lot like starting a new relationship.  Which is probably why I’m so noncommittal when it comes to both.

This book seems like a good choice.  Pretty standard plot–fulfilling, but with nothing too surprising awaiting.  I don’t hate the cover.  I could see myself re-reading this and enjoying it when I’m 60 or 70.

But this other book is flashy and exciting.  I bet it’s a real rollercoaster.  Unexpected twists and turns.  Danger.  Adventure.  And I really, really like the cover.  That’s the best title I’ve ever seen!  I could probably read it in one night.

No, no, no.  Better go the safe route.  Option A.  The Timeless Classic.  Can’t go wrong there, right?

But what if halfway through I get bored?  I mean, really bored? What if the story gets so stale I can’t even finish it?  Then I’m stuck halfway in the middle of something with all this time invested.  No time to start a new book….still curious what happens in the first book, but not enough to pick it up again…

What to do?!

Yeah.  Imagine what I go through with writing projects.  The metaphor there is actually worse, if you can imagine that.

But, I suppose I’m still young.

And, much like a fine wine, I will probably sit on a shelf until it’s too late.


I better just pick a fucking book already.  This was still about books right?

Possible choices:

The Given Day by Dennis Lehane

Boneshaker by Cherie Priest

Specimen Days by Michael Cunningham

Something Else Entirely by Random Author.


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