it’s morphin time. i’m serious ~ pt. 2

Well, well, well.  Ain’t that a peach:  you’re back because you want to see what Zords I picked.

Totally.  I’m sure that’s the one and only reason you stumbled across this.

It was curious that this was my top post I’ve ever published.  Had I become popular?  No, that’s silly.  It was referrers from search engines.

Aren’t you curious which Ranger drew the most hits?  It’ll prove the all-time greatest Ranger.   WHITE OR GREEN?!  WHITE OR GREEN?!

Cliffhanger!  Sort of a meta-cliffhanger, I suppose.  Anyway, on with the Top 5 Ultimate Zords*:

*The term Zord is pretty subjective.  Is it a catchall for the vehicles in the MMPR universe?  Or is it strictly one of the five machines that make up the Megazord?  Is a Megazord technically a Zord?  I went with the ‘catchall’ contingency.

5) Warrior Wheel

Alright, truthfully Dubs here ain’t too much to look at–pretty plain, as Zords go.  But, few Zords shell up into a sleek wheel that gets bowled at the baddie, sets ablaze, and lands a STRIKE every time!  Additionally, the toy–ahem, action figure–could easily be mistaken for a yo-yo.  This is, of course, a great way to carry around a geek relic and still appear athletic.

4) Pyramidas

Size does matter–especially in the world of Power Rangers.  You gotta be bigger than the bad guy, and I’m fairly sure that a giant alien pyramid orbiting the Earth fits that bill.  The personal vehicle of the equally-cool Gold Ranger also transforms into a big bad bot.  Cool.  Also cool?  Anything Ancient Egypt!

3) Tor the Shuttlezord

The form assumed by Zu’ul?!  Close.  Turtles are cool.  Way cool.  Especially if they are monstrous robotic tortoises that double as a mobile fortress.  This guy also transforms into an automaton, son–a Sumo one at that.  I forgot about that until I started looking for pics–let’s just say this guy bumped up a few places.

2) Astro Megazord (Megaship)

Alright, when I say I like Power Rangers, I mean the ORIGINAL series.  In a pinch, it can also mean the follow-up Power Rangers Zeo.  Honorable mentions would be the ambitious Lost Galaxy.  Occasionally, I may also mean Power Rangers in Space.  What I like about that show is three-fold:  It is titled exactly what it is (a la Snakes on a Plane).  It had easily one of the hottest Rangers (Ashley, the Yellow one).  And the Megazord.  The Astro Megazord was a wicked blue circular spaceship that TRANSFORMED into a tough-looking, shuttle-headed megazord.  It also (somewhat randomly) had my first initial on it.  Bonus points.

The #1 Ultimate Zord

Alright, this was a tough one.  Countdown lists are all fun and games until you get to number 1.  Not only can it be a disappointment for your audience, but it also forces you to choose a favorite.  And there was a lot to take into account.  Best weapons, coolest looking…the Ranger doing the piloting.  So, without taking into account how cool the triple-changing White Tigerzord was (and it’s Ranger) or how big a splash the Falconzord made in the movie OR even that the Dragonzord was a dragon….I present the Ultimate Zord (imho):

1) Red Dragon Thunderzord

The good news:  it’s still a dragon.  The better news:  it’s a Chinese-style dragon (arguably the coolest).  The best news:  it turns into a b0staff-wielding super warrior robot.  The only downside to this Zord is that, in reality, they probably didn’t need the rest of the Zords once this guy came out to play.

This, of course, was the only unrealistic part of the show, right?

In other news, the Green Ranger was the most searched after Ranger according to my site stats.  Fascinating.


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