an unusual mother’s day

Hello, all.

So this last weekend was Mother’s Day as you well know. I’m sure most of you had a nice lunch with your mom, sent her flowers, or at least dropped her a line to tell her you love her.

I didn’t.  I worked a brunch.  A super crazy busy brunch where my backup server didn’t show and moms ate for half price! I saw a lot of moms.  I’m pretty sure I saw every mom on the planet.

Except for mine.  And no I didn’t send her flowers.  I didn’t even call her on the phone.

I barely remember her voice, to be honest.

It’s coming up on 8 years–wow, that’s weird to say–since I lost my mom, Kim Andrews, to cancer. It was cervical in origin and wicked aggressive.  I lost her.  Too fast.  I lost her, somewhat ironically, while I was explaining to my University that she only had a few months left.

I didn’t have a cell phone at the time. I came back to sirens and ambulances and my dad crying, unable to speak.

It’s Hell.  I didn’t pull into my driveway that day; I pulled into a nightmare I have never woken up from.  An alternate reality where my mom suddenly ceased to exist.  A parallel universe where I had lost everything.

Personally, I very much want to see a day when nobody goes through cancer–whichever side of it they’re on.

It’s a big war, and I relish he opportunity to fight even the smallest battle.

Luckily, this year my college friends and I we were able to get the ol’ dream team together for another RELAY FOR LIFE walk.  And the best part is, the American Cancer Society has gone all digital and made it even EASIER to donate.  Awesome, right?

So this is me, Mikel–hi, nice to meet you–asking you very generous, handsome-slash-beautiful people to help me.  You’ve read my writing.  You’ve heard me complain about customers and whine that I need more Star Wars to get my fix.  You’ve made it through tirades of Pokemon and Power Rangers.  Rants about young adult fiction and Steampunk–which I’m guessing you still are unclear about what that is.

But you’ve made it this far, and now I’m bearing my soul.  This is my quest.  There’s no magic spells or Hit Points here.  This is just one guy without a mom that wants you to keep yours.

In the words of Jerry Maguire, HELP ME HELP YOU.  Cancer hurts everyone, whether they have it or not.  Every little bit counts when you’re this close….and we’re closer than ever to a cure.

I want to see this cancer thing LICKED, okay?! What a load off, right?  Can you imagine?!  Waking up, truthfully unafraid of cancer?

So here’s the link to my Relay Donation Page. Hopefully you know the drill.  Poke around.  The ACS are good people.

And thank you. With everything I can muster in the way of gratitude, THANK YOU for making it to this sentence and having a heart.


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