short list: wizard books

Why, yes, I am a fan of wizard books.  How did you know?

But I need a particular caliber of wizard/magic story to peak my interest.

So here is my very short list of the greatest wizard books I’ve ever read.

Vegas Knights by Matt Forbeck

This book is the epitome of what I’m looking for in urban fantasy.  Right away you hit the ground running as you meet two college-age wizards on Spring Break in Vegas.  Are they there to stop an evil sorcerer or find an ancient ring?  Hell no.  They are there to hustle the blackjack scene with a little supernatural mojo.  And maybe get some ladies on the side.  At least until everything hits the fan, if you catch my drift.  Logical reactions and realistic magic applications are coupled with snappy dialogue and witty characters.

The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss

This is the perfect wizard novel from beginning to end.  Speaking of beginning, Rothfuss starts there and creates a whole new world complete with a unique magic, science, and religion.  The story is gripping and driven, even though it is a memoir.  More proof that you don’t need an epic quest or battle to be interesting.  Kvothe’s childhood is more riveting than the entire Lord of the Rings series combined.

Test of Metal: A Planeswalker Novel by Matthew Stover

I was a little nervous to read this story as I have almost no experience with Magic: The Gathering books, let alone the card game.  I read this story because I’m a Stover fan.  (Sidenote:  this guy can do no wrong!)

And guess what?  It was awesome!  Stover picks you up and gently sets you on the cloud that is the MTG mythos.  And that’s the last thing he does gently.  From there on out, Test of Metal is an action-packed mind fuck with a series of twists and double-crosses that makes “The Usual Suspects” look like a Dr. Seuss book!

The main reason this book is so interesting is the main character:  Tezzeret.  In the MTG universe, Tezzy is a villain.  And while Stover didn’t make him up, he completely reinvents the dark hero into a cold, cunning, cocky, calculated genius that never gives up and has an answer for everything.

Test of Metal is also a unique mix of urban fantasy prose in a traditional fantasy setting.  You’ll see what I mean when you read it, but this coupling makes for a one-of-a-kind read that gives you a little bit of all your favorite fiction elements in one awesome tale.

And did I mention the POV play?

Anyway, you’re welcome.  Read these and your wizard palate will become 10 times more refined.


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