Let me tell you about a dangerous equation:

Ghost Adventures” + cocktails = EVP sessions.

My cousin and I may or may not have conducted or first EVP session.  You know, Electronic Voice Phenomena.  Spirits, speaking through recording devices.  The other day, in the presence of his family, he conducted one in the front seat of his car.  Apparently, that made him a badass.

I’ve ghost-hunted before.  I’ve done the EVPs.  I’ve snapped the photos.  I’ve felt the chills.  It’s not asking a couple questions in the driver side of your minivan.

So we killed the lights.  We went down to the basement; the source of all the uneasiness.  The spot where the door has a darkened outline of baby footsteps.  We geared up our digital recorders.

And we both got hit with a surge of adrenaline.  The recording was quick and very amateur, but I will say it got the gears turning in a big way.  There’s an addiction brewing here.

So I can see why Zak Bagans and his crew do it.  I can see why Jason and Grant keep at it.  And it makes sense why both of their shows are in the upper seasons.

It is quite the high.

Oh, and we’ll be examining the recording further tomorrow.  I know I heard something between the flashlight flickers.


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