change the bulb

Every once in awhile I see these little glimpses of how the world works.  I mean really works.  Not the “Bring Your Daughter To Work Day” version either.

I see that jobs just work you until you’re burned out, then replace you.  It doesn’t matter how well liked you are or how many hours you’ve put in–you will be replaced!

And sometimes it doesn’t matter whether or not your work ethic has atrophied.  You may be at the top of your game and that flash-in-the-pan walks in.  The new guy.  The one everybody wants to talk to.  The one that seems to handle things just a little bit more smoothly.

It’s all about perception.  And suddenly you’re perceived as second rate.  Old news.  Remember that promotion you earned?  Now you’re just expensive.

Is that how it goes?  I realize companies have to make money, but is that all there is?

You’re a light bulb.  You burn brighter and brighter until one day you dim.  Dimmer and dimmer, until you don’t even ignite when the switch is flipped.

But is the bulb actually dimmer?  Or does the person watching just want to see a brighter light?

I could probably keep spreading this metaphor over toast all day, but where would that get us?  Nowhere, really.  Because if the ‘system’ is already in place, what could one person do to change it?

You could speak out, but then you’d just be perceived dimmer.  Darker than before.  Fading.  Would you even be considered a functioning bulb anymore?

Are you a person anymore?  You’re kind of this in-between being; not quite a piece of equipment and not quite a free-thinking human.

But you find there’s no choice.  You just keep burning and burning–paying bills–going to sleep so you can wake up.

I’m sure I’m not the first person to notice this.  And I won’t be the last.  And I certainly won’t be the one to speak out about it.

After all, I have a car payment to0, you know.


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