on my last day of being 27

For everyone else, the time warp that is Daylight Savings Time means an extra hour of sleep in the fall.  For me, it means I wake up freakishly early and well-rested.  But it does give me a few extra moments to reflect (and blog about said reflections).

So, if you couldn’t tell, this is the last day that I will be 27 ever!  Or as some people call it “the day before my birthday.”

My 27th year was an interesting one.  As most of you know, I spent the better part of it on the North Shore.  I climbed rocks, took in cliffside vistas of Lake Superior, read books on the weathered steps of an abandoned lighthouse, babysat kids, and learned (more or less) how to tend a bar.

Most of the time I was there, all I wanted was to come back to ‘civilization’ as I called it.  I was lonely.  Exiled.

But now that I’m gone, I can safely say that I miss it.  The city makes me uncomfortable; the roads have too many lanes, and there’s no rivers to hike up or mountains to run down.  I really didn’t think that place would have much effect on me–it was just a place to live, a place to get back on my feet.

Wasn’t it?

So, here at the end of my 27th year, I find myself at a crossroads.  Do I go back?  Or do I try to tough it out in the big city?

Other than that, the finale of Age 27 is pretty much the same as others:  I’m reading a Star Wars book.  For breakfast I had a cereal with marshmallows in it.  My friend sent me a Pokemon-related gift.  Yesterday I ate at a Chinese buffet and fell asleep watching Transformers cartoons.  And there’s a tiger Pillow Pet on my bed.

Arguably, this year has ended the way all my other years have.

But I did start a blog.  I did write and publish a novella.  I did get to live in the most amazing place I have ever lived.  I stepped up to the biggest adventure I never thought I’d embark on again–and was rewarded with an amazing girlfriend.

And Transformers 3 was sweet.

Long story short, for all my bitching, whining, pissing, and moaning, being 27 was pretty cool.  There are worse ways to spend a year of your life.  Thanks to everyone that made it so.


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