my year in review

It’s the very last possible day for me to write about 2011.  Two days later than last year’s post.  I’m a slacker.  But I don’t think you can really call someone that maintains a blog a slacker–really a blog is just self-induced homework.

But bare with me; I’m reeling from a major cliffhanger in the Gundam Universe.  Normally I’m not one to rant about cliffhangers–but the 5th and final installment of Gundam Unicorn won’t be out until MAY 2012!  You can’t just have the main character look up and see a giant black prototype Gundam mobile suit drop out of the sky and then leave everybody hanging for 6 months!

But I digress.  This post is about my 2011 year in review.  First thing I did was look at last year’s post (which can be found here).

I was amazed that even with all the changes in my life, my year end is pretty similar to last year’s end.

Working at the ski resort?  Check.  Busiest week ever?  You know it.  Obsessed with Transformers?  Duh.

I really am a creature of habit.

Anyway, let’s start with a Christmas wrap-up.  I got more gifts than I thought I would (which was zero).  The cousins–and Santa–surprised me with a hot sauce variety pack and a Diary of a Wimpy Kid “Touch the Cheese” board game.  Now for those of you haven’t seen the film version of DoaWK:  I’m sorry.  You are truly missing the funniest film in years and when you watch it, you will discover the whole “Touch the Cheese” thing.  Trust me.

I got a couple great books: Werewolf Haiku and Patton Oswalt’s Zombie Spaceship Wasteland (YES!  YES!  YES!)  Of course there are the standard-issue Pokemon- and Star Wars-related stocking stuffers and my most excellent girlfriend Katelyn crocheted me a warm drink cozy.  She herself is the greatest gift I have ever received.

And that’s why for her gift I surprised her with flowers (and dinner and a Barnes and Noble gift card).  It might not seem like much, but it’s a lot when you consider I just moved 5 hours away from her and she thought I was working–right up until the second I rang the buzzer of her apartment.

So worth the drive.

Now, Mikel, you’re probably asking, we all know you got a gift for yourself–what was it?

Busted.  I bought myself this crazy-ass book from a thrift store.  I’m hoping it’s one of those rare works of literary genius that was forcibly published under a kitschy, uber-genre moniker.  Although….looking at the cover….

And I think I’ll also register for that anime convention again–thanks for reminding me, Last Year’s Post.  I think I deserve a little something extra for FINALLY PAYING OFF MY CREDIT CARD!  That’s right, the grueling 4-year struggle has finally come to an end.  What started with my cousin saying “Let’s go to the Star Wars exhibit at the Science Museum–no, I can’t spot you $20, just use your credit card” has finally ended.  Credit cards are a slippery slope.  I won’t fall for that again.

While this year is ending similarly to the last, I have to look at all the differences:  the girlfriend, the book I wrote, the paid writing gigs I finally landed, the fact that I conquered my greatest fear and lived in Minneapolis–albeit for three months only.  Still, I learned a lot.  I did a lot of networking this last year–and I have a good feeling it’s going to pay off.  I’m closer to a book deal than ever before–I can feel it.

So now we move onto 2012.  There are lots of things to look forward to.  Star Wars in 3-D.  The Fall of Cybertron.  The end of the world.  You know…stuff like that.

And with the arrival of 2012, so arrives my yearly cliched list of resolutions.

But first…a look back at last year’s:

Hey, 4 out of 7 ain’t bad.  And I’m going to nail that “No Soda” thing this year.  Maybe even no booze (I’m already 3 days sober!).  But let’s not go including that on the official list or anything.  Speaking of….

2012 New Year’s Resolutions

Lose some weight and get in shape.  For reals.

Get a legit published book deal.

No more soda.  Or pop.  Whatever.  I’m serious.

Make AND SAVE some moneys (aka- $$$$).

Get glasses.

Write.  Everyday.

I also plan to read more.  I’m currently finishing up what may be my last Star Wars Expanded Universe reading experience *gasp* and can’t wait to get started on my gift books.  In fact, my biggest effort this year (reading-wise, anyway) will be to tackle all those books I’ve received as gifts but never read.  Books like:

There you have it.  We have reached the finale of my obligatory year-end post.  I’ve delivered the goods:  some laughs, some cries, some pictures, some rants, plenty of stuff to click on, a link to my ebook (see what I did there?), and a wish for all my readers to have a very happy 2012.  You have all been great, inspiring, and, most of all, motivating.  Thanks for riding this roller coaster for another year.

Ah, hell.  Of course I’m going to show you what the “Touch the Cheese” thing is.


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