#spaghettiforbreakfast: the blog

Spaghetti For Breakfast: The Blog

I find myself thinking and doing a lot of crazy things during this ‘spiritual fast’ that I’m on.

But this ain’t one of’em.

Dilemma:  I really like to hit the library hard working on revisions of my novel before work.  Everyday I plan to get there at opening and stay right up until I have to leave to make my shift.  But what inevitably happens?  I get super hungry halfway through because of my unsatisfying breakfast choices.

Secondary Dilemma: Yesterday was Juice/Water Day on the fast and I woke up WICKED HUNGRY!

Solution:  Spaghetti for breakfast.

I know what you’re all thinking: this man is a visionary.  That is what you’re thinking, right?  Look, cereal and milk just won’t cut it.  I need a boost of fresh vegetables and lycopene and a kick of 100% whole grains after nothing but algae-infused juice blends.  (Not that they weren’t delicious.)

I have a feeling this is going to carry me well into my work shift.  Plus, I love torturing my Twitter followers with mundane hashtags.

Follow the action at #spaghettiforbreakfast and let’s start a new tradition.

This morning’s feast:

Fresh minced garlic, diced green peppers, sun-dried tomatoes, AVOCADO (Whaaat?!), and sauced up with a little au naturale Prego Veggie Smart Chunky and Savory.

What did you have for breakfast today, hmmm?


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