girls night out / book review

I may have just had a girls night out.  Why?  Let’s look at the facts.

1) I went to a restaurant called My Sister’s Place.

2) Had two glasses of cabernet.  (Out of a mason jar, no less.)

3) Finished reading Shauna Cross’ Derby Girl.

Yeah, I read it. So what?

Only in hindsight do I see how girly that is.

4) I’m also blogging about it.  Yikes.

However, as part of my New Year’s plan to read books given to me by friends, this one was on my list.  For better or for worse.

The novel is very Twilight meets with Harry Potter with no vampires, werewolves, or wizards whatsoever.  So…nothing like those two things, I guess.  But there is a heroine caught in a coming-of-age battle between her parents, her feelings, her pageant background, and the somewhat-cliche need to rebel against her parents.

Via roller derby.

Admittedly, I would never read something like this of my own accord.  But, since it was so subtly brought to my attention by my friend Michele mailing it to me, I thought I would give it a shot.

It’s also the inspiration for the 2009 film Whip It, starring some very funny ladies like Drew Barrymore and Kristen Wiig–a movie that has long been in my Netflix queue.

Fine. But I'm still not watching "Juno."

So I gave it a shot.  And, surprisingly, I enjoyed it.  Overlooking some of the fashion rants, I could still relate to the story.  It was very predictable, but not in the way that pisses you off, but in the way that you just want to see the story through to conclusion.

One of the ways Cross nails this (see what I did there?) is by keeping the perspective first-person-present-tense.  It’s all happening now, now, now on the spot.  There isn’t the usual ‘memoir voice’ that gives away the outcome too soon.

It.  Keeps.  You.  Flipping.  Pages.

That and those chapters are so dang short.  They’re like potato chips–you can just keep eating them.  You say it’s going to be the last one, but it isn’t.  Pretty soon you’ve devoured the whole bag in one sitting!

You thought I was going to with the whole You Can’t Eat Just One cliche, didn’t you?  Grow up.

All in all, it was a pretty well-constructed little tale.  Everything happened for a reason, lessons were learned, yada-yada-yada.

I would recommend this book.  It’s a quick read–it could’ve been quicker–my fault, not the book’s.  The perspective play alone is interesting enough, but the attention to detail is pretty phenomenal.  You honest-to-God feel like you’re walking around with main character Bliss as she goes about her life.

Alright, I’ll call it what it is:  a modern-day fairy tale.  There I said it.  Girls Night complete.  That is until I watch Whip It tonight.

Hey, it’s not like I cried, okay?



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