are you there, hunger games? it’s me, mikel.

This arrived in the mail yesterday:


This is already more information than I wanted about The Hunger Games.  Yes, I’m planning on reading it before I see the movie.  No, I don’t want to be biased by who plays who.  But what does EW do?  Throws all the characters right there on the cover!  I’m saving the issue for my girlfriend but I’m trying desperately not to look at it.

I was really excited to finally read Blade of Tyshalle.  It’s in my bag right now waiting to be started.  But now–now!–I have to drop everything and read The Hunger Games.  Why?

Because it becomes a contest.

It happened with The Golden Compass too.  A few weeks before the movie hit theaters, I went to Shopko and used my credit card–because I was dead broke–to buy the His Dark Materials compilation.

The competition consumes me.  No, I shouldn’t have used my credit card.  But in my head, I had to have that book.  I had to read it before the movie.  If I don’t read it before the movie, I won’t.  It’s a character flaw that I hate.

Still haven’t read Harry Potter.  Same problem.

Now that the backstory is out of the way, let’s cut to the chase:  Is Hunger Games as good as everyone says?  I am not a fan of bandwagon books, but I have been hearing about this series for a few years.  That it’s a must-read.  That there’s nothing like it.  That I will love it.

So far, I have not so much as dog-eared a corner of that EW.  I haven’t watched the trailer.  I’ve purposefully steered away from all things HG (including when Kate wants to talk about it–sorry, honey.)

It was much easier Golden Compass–let’s face it, that movie didn’t have the same press. Which is unfortunate because it’s probably one of the greatest books ever written.  The movie?  Pretty sweet too.

Okay, so–knowing almost nothing about Hunger Games–here’s my pre-book-review synopsis:

Main character–Girl With Arrows and Bird Necklace–is competing with others in a contest to win food for their country.  This all takes place in Africa.  The competition is in a jungle.  It’s a post-apocalyptic nightmare down there.  Radiation and missile silos everywhere.  Girl falls in love with a Jungle Boy who is part-cheetah.  He helps her win the Hunger Games, which is a series of rag-tag events–sort of a Poor Man’s Olympics.

Am I close?  Is there at least a half-cheetah Jungle Boy?



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