This is me, coming to you LIVE, fresh off my Social Network Sabbatical.  How’d it go?  Well, I carved a hashtag into my arm (#shareTHIS) so…you tell me.

Just kidding.

It was surprisingly refreshing to get off the grid.  Unjack from The Matrix for awhile.  In fact, I’ve hardly been back to any of the big sites.  I thought for sure I would be just jonesing to share/update/LIKE something.  But actually, now that I’ve missed so much, the draw of checking in is gone.

Me (Before)
Me (After)
















Let me tell you something:  my hypothesis was correct!  I spend WAY too much time on Facebook and Twitter.  And by spend, I mean waste.  I got so much done this week!  All my projects for work.  I finished revising/updating my 2007 story, The Plate in the Attic, and got it up and live on Amazon.

Get your pants scared off for a whopping 99 cents!

Just straight up killin’ it!  And I was on spec to finish reading The Hunger Games and finish up writing “Cutter 6” but I had my best bud Kell visiting for the weekend.  Serious hiking ensued.

But, I assure you, “Cutter 6” is off and running and is a lightning strike of a finale to this series!

Also….Hunger Games?  INCREDIBLE!  Part of me–the hipster part–really didn’t want to enjoy this book.  Just another young adult bandwagon that I didn’t want to jump on solely because people are talking about it.  But, frankly, I’m hooked.  This book is really something special.  And much more unique than I thought it was going to be.  The concept isn’t exactly revolutionary, but the, ahem, execution is.  Hats off to you, Suzanne Collins.

So, all in all, I’m going to stick with the lessons I learned from the SNS.  Don’t waste time.  Don’t be a Newsfeed Junkie.  Don’t Tweet your life away.  Now, to finish up Cutter and get back to work on Coming of Mage.  Let’s just say if I get it done before Q4, something awesome may happen!


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