a point will not be made here

Still on vacation.  Still at Caribou.  Well…I mean, I left at some point and came back.  This damn Blueberry Almond Oatmeal is so damn good!

Alright, this is my warm-up.  Writing-wise.  I did an actual warm-up down by the old train depot.  St. Cloud (technically Waite Park) has this thing called a Healthy Living Trail–which is Latin for “so freaking cool.”  It’s a little transformed bike path with lots of informational signs and playground-grade workout equipment!  Such a great idea.  I’ve been on it twice now and, yes, it really does get the blood flowing.

Now, yesterday I met with my old buddy from high school that very luckily happens to work at a publishing house.  He pretty much [you’re safe, Brando] offered me a shot at getting Coming of Mage published.  What does this mean to me?  Everything.  As if you guys didn’t know:  I’m pretty attached to the little-tale-that-could in all its alchemical glory.  I’ve been working hard to outline and make the story bigger–and now I finally have some real incentive to get writing!

It’s exciting.  I’m even excited to do a Kickstartr.  And I’m sure you’re all excited for that too, right?

But in all seriousness-ness, it’s time to really crack down on this project.  Just the push I needed.  There’s plenty to be done and hopefully this off-season break will give me the time I need.

So what else is new?  Well, I did see a movie while visiting ‘civilization.’  The Hunger Games.  Frankly–and this may come as a shock to you–I loved it.  I hear the film is catching a lot of flack for being made for fans and people that read the book.  Since I just read it, I’m a little bias.  It’s possible I may have overlooked some fact jumps.  Still, I feel like I would’ve enjoyed it either way.  Pretty nice little film.

I still want to see Wrath of the Titans (for some reason) and 21 Jump Street.  Gotta take advantage of my cinema proximity while it’s still a thing.

I also want to get out and enjoy the day on my last day in town.  I was supposed to go disc golfing with my buddy, but The Man up and scheduled him for work at the last second.  I’m going to “Jedi” this one–let fate decide if I hit the links today.

At least I’ll get to see a few old friends at Happy Hour today.  I rarely turn down 20-ounce craft beers at $2 a pop.

Reading–I’d also like to do that.  Blade of Tyshalle keeps getting better and better.  I’m telling you guys, Matthew Woodring Stover is the King of All Writers.  Start with Heroes Die and don’t look back!

Alright, alright, my action items list is longer than, well, something long…..anyway!  To work I go!  Let’s polish off this vacay right!


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