I saw it last night.

The.  Effing.  Avengers.

And let me tell you something:  It was the best movie ever.

Okay, hold on.  I know what you’re thinking:  Mikel, you say that about every film.


But, this is different.  Sort of.  Truthfully, I was never a fan of the Avengers.  I’m way more of a Justice League guy.  The few Avengers comics I actually read had Spider-Man and Wolverine and The Thing as temporary members.  Well, temporary to the rest of the world–not to me!  So when the promos started coming out for the Avengers project, I was like “Who the heck are these guys?”  Thor and Captain America were, like, my least favorite superheroes.

In fact, I didn’t even bother to see their films until last week.  And only because they were on TV.  And only because my dick cousin made me watch them.

Even though Thor was like a polished cartoon, I liked the characterization.  And even though Cap is a little, um, patriotic for my usual fare–his film was very gritty and charming.

So, like, two seconds before Avengers was released, I was on board.  But still, I was worried the project was a little too ambitious.  And Joss Whedon was writing it.  I tried to have faith that he could handle the story, but I was worried he was setting himself up for failure.

Boy, was I wrong.

Great story!  Great writing!  INCREDIBLE use of tension.  And an attention to detail, character traits, and utilization of ability that is unmatched in any superhero movie I have ever seen before.

And I’m sure this has been said on countless other blogs, message boards, and reviews, but:  OMFG THE HULK!!!

So well done.   I think what really made the movie work is that it wasn’t all explosive, non-stop action.  There was a very careful buildup to the final showdown.  Some of the most intense, exciting scenes were the heroes standing around a boardroom table.

But all that isn’t really what inspired this blog.  What did was pondering the sequel.

Now, there are a lot of superhero movies out there, and most of them are Marvel.  Not all of them are quality, but each have characters that are gems.  And since The Avengers are known to recruit temps, I have comprised a list of ideal cameos that I would like to see in Avengers 2.

#5 Wolverine

Okay, admittedly not my favorite Mutant, but he does kick-ass.  He doesn’t age.  He has a sordid past.  These are pretty much the prerequisites for being an Avenger.  His abilities would make him a real clash for Captain America to get along with, and his nonchalant cool would be an interesting juxtaposition for the pressed-and-polished cool of one Tony Stark.  Here’s a guy that doesn’t care what he’s wearing–imagine how long he’d put up with Stark’s tongue before threatening to cut it out.

Plus, you know you want to see The Hulk throw him at something.

#4 Spider-Man

Oh, come on, give the kid a shot–see what he can do!  I know his movie’s not out yet, and I realize it’s directed by a relative nobody, but I can already tell the new Spidey would fit right in with the Avengers.  Andrew Garfield?  You gotta love that kid.  The Avengers need a snarky teen on the crew.

#3 Daredevil

Well, here’s where I lose everybody.  Since everybody loves to make fun of the Daredevil film with Ben Affleck.  But I don’t understand–I thought it was great!  Was I watching a different movie?  It had a cool character (during the day, he’s a lawyer, and at night, he’s a blind superhero that has no fear!), a compelling plot, awesome action, a totally reasonable costume–way less goofy than most of the Avengers, and a love story that at least did something different than the damsel-in-distress angle.  Plus, Affleck is a great guy and a great actor.  You people already crucified him for Gigli (which wasn’t that bad), you can at least let him have his superhero flick.

Where was I?  Oh yeah, the Avengers.  Daredevil should totally be on the team.  His sonar fights were cool and would look even cooler against a bunch of aliens on an apocalyptic scale.

#2 Reed Richards (aka Mr. Fantastic)

And you thought Daredevil was a bad choice?  People downright loathe the Fantastic Four films.  But Ioan Gruffud made a very compelling Reed Richards.  His knowledge of quantum astrophysics is unparalleled and thus would make him a great consultant for the Avengers.  Now, you don’t have to have him stretching everywhere as Mr. Fantastic, but it would be kind of cool continuity thing.

Plus, there could be a really funny scene where he squints at Captain America and says, “You look familiar.”

Ugh, do I have to explain the joke?  Chris Evans (Cap) also played the Human Torch in the Fantastic Four movies.  There.

#1 The Vision

Okay, technically this guy doesn’t have a movie.  But he is one of my favorite superheroes of all time–and he is a staple of the Avengers comic books!  He’s the Martian Manhunter of the Avengers (my other favorite superhero on the DC end)–he’s an android with the ability to fly, become intangible/invisible, or become as hard as diamond.  This guy could totally kick ass.  Give him an updated paint job and his cold, calculating personality could be a great palate-cleanser for the uber-clever Avengers characters.  Deadpan humor is very in right now.

That’s my time, kids!  Get out there and see Avengers (like you haven’t already) and tell me what you think!  Does it hold up to the usual Joss Whedon standards?  Does any particular character steal the show?

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go see it 7 more times.


3 thoughts on “assemble!

    1. NO! But I desperately want to while I’m back in civilization. Although, I feel like if I go back to the theater I will ultimately just see Avengers again. It’ll be like a first-instinct test at the register.

      “What would you like to see today, sir?”

      “Avengers! Shit!”

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