sequelitis is a thing

Tell you what, I’m one busy cat lately.

I mean, I have my usual project of finishing Coming of Mage on time.  What else is new, right?  But trying to actually make that happen is proving to be tougher than I thought.

My biggest challenge is always sticking to the project.  I have like severe ADD when it comes to the writing field.  Not so much in the “I should go ride a bike” way, but in the “Oh, man I have a great new idea….and I should go ride a bike!”

Lately it’s manifested in the form of Sequelitis.  Sequelitis is the thing where you have a great stand-alone story–which you wrote for the sole purpose of standing alone–and then you can’t get the characters out of your head and you find yourself wondering what happened to those guys after they blew up the alien mothership or saved the city from killer robots.  Or, you know, something more normal that you may have written.

I mean, they–the characters–become like tangible beings, right?  When I was thinking about Marc from RST, in my head I’m saying I wonder what he’s up to this summer?  He just finished his Sophomore year of college, right?  Where did he go again?

It’s crazy.  I wonder if that’s what the greats think like when they consider sequels.  If Stover wondered what happened to Caine after he wrote him a severed spine, and that’s why we got Blade of Tyshalle.  Surely not every author plans a serious sequel to every novel.

I suppose you have to though, right?  Think about the characters and what they’ve been up to.  Sort of a “Where Are They Now” Fictional Literary Characters Edition.

  Sequelitis.  Son of a gun.

Going off on blog tangents also keeps me from getting my projects completed.

So what else have I been working on?  Well, I’ve taken the helm of a new a blog called The Voice of the Mountain.  Pretty sweet gig.  I get to talk about the North Shore on a weekly basis–can’t complain there.  And super recently, my good pal Billy and I have decided to take a very serious step in our relationship…

We’re writing a movie together.

Where did you think I was going with that?  Sheesh.

Yeah, well, it’s still too early to talk about in any great detail, but we’re going to be hammering out a screenplay in the months to come.

Fast track, greenlit, other Hollywood jargon, etc.

So when you put all that on a plate and throw in a side of being promoted to Supervisor of my restaurant, the Ol’ Iceman (what I used to call myself in high school) has quite the full schedule.

And yet, even in lieu of promotions, and responsibility, and writing gigs, I still managed to forget to pay my phone bill yesterday.  Believe it or not, it’s the first bill I haven’t paid on time in my life.  True story!  Even when I got my first parking ticket I had it paid off before the officer had even processed it!  I don’t mess around.

But I straight up forgot, and between my new rent being due and all the surprise problems with my car, I didn’t actually have the money in my account.

Anyway, I was feeling pretty shitty about it this morning.  It’s embarrassing, you know?  But in a way it was good.  For one thing, it was humbling.  Kind of put me in my place, so to speak.  But it was also kind of nice to just let it go.  It happened.  Move past it.  I’m so prone to panicking, in a way it was freeing to wake up today and go “Okay, I missed the deadline.  I can’t go back in time.”

It reminded me of that sweet scene in Fight Club when they get in that car accident.  Only way less intense and hopefully not indicative of a delusional mental condition.

“Stop trying to control everything!”


Having said that, I won’t be letting it happen again!

But we’re coming into the homestretch.  I finally get a day off tomorrow.  In my head, I picture it as a 24-hour Cocktail Party For One, but in reality it will probably involve reading, hiking, hopefully writing, and, let’s face it, a big splash of rum.

The world seems new again.  I don’t want to jinx anything, but I hope this was the BOOM! I was waiting for.  What I’ve been struggling and scraping by for.  Is fame and fortune just around the corner?

I dunno.  I’ll tell you after I wipe up the ketchup on Table 3.


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