magic powers

After an afternoon of microbrew tasting and an evening of cocktails, I learned one very important thing last night:

My Magic: The Gathering deck is seriously lacking focus.

Last year, with little to no idea what I was doing, I decided I wanted to get into MTG.

Mostly because of this book.

So I bought this “Deck Builder” kit and used pretty much the same rules of thumb that I use to design my Pokemon decks:

1.  Use only creatures you think look awesome, without any idea what their abilities they have.

Whoa-ho-ho! Look at this thing! There is a probably a description somewhere about what it does…but who cares–look at those frills!

2.  Make sure you have at least 2 different mana sources–again, only if they seem cool.  If unsure, judge solely by the symbol.

3.  Eschew mana (or energy) cards for more cool creature cards.  The more symbols in the upper right corner, the cooler it has to be.

As it turns out, if you follow these rules you will get owned in approximately 3 seconds.  Just like I was by my best friend’s deck last night.  (I guess I should have seen it coming, what with the cool symbols on his cards.)

I think this ‘rule of thumb’ I have extends to more aspects of my life.  I’m always shooting for flashy and overly complicated.  In writing especially.  I mean literally–my characters tend to have too many powers.  Why do characters even have to have powers?!?!

I’m partially obsessed with powers and abilities, so there’s that.  Always have been.  I didn’t even notice this phenomenon in myself until I saw a youth afflicted with the same malady:  my cousin’s son, Tyler.

If you show Tyler a picture of anything, he’s like “What powers he got?”

Pretty easy answer if it’s a comic book cover.  Gets a little trickier if it’s a National Geographic.

But I can’t blame him, because I grew up with the same problem.  If I had to diagnose where it stems from, it’d probably have to do with Transformers–but what in my life doesn’t?

Transformers action figures had little cards that described each characters rank and abilities (the ‘techs-and-specs’ to non-Trans-fans.)   And if an action figure didn’t come with stats, you had to supply them.

Did anybody else do this?

I remember I had all these “Battle Beasts” and I named each one of them and gave them powers.  The owl was their leader.

I’ll never forget.


This was the most random blog update ever.  Much like my Magic deck, I’m not very focused either.  Long days at work and lack of sleep have left me in a daze, where I get nostalgic and crave Triple White Chocolate Mochas.

I am curious though:  did any of you do this with toys?  Do you remember some of your favorites and what their powers were?  Let’s ride the nostalgia train here.

photo credits: awesome snake creature, Magic symbols, owl battle beast


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