a new excerpt from ‘coming of mage’

8540 words stand between me and my first complete manuscript.

There aren’t even words…

…well, I suppose there are some words.  How ’bout an excerpt? 

 Waves lapped at the remains of tangled steel, leaking from between crevices and flowing over jagged slopes of brick. It was difficult to tell since the ruins had been polished by years of water erosion, but I could still make out the general foundation of a large house—or many smaller houses. Near the far coast, remnants of lighthouse stood stoically like a single finger torn off at the knuckle.

For moments uncountable, there was no sound but the waves crashing against the island. Then, as I nearly lost myself to the rhythm, Emma put our thoughts into words.

“Did—” she started. “Alchemists did this?

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