i like to keep my politics galactic

I’m not foreign to the importance of politics and change.  Therefore, I think it would be remiss of me– today of all days–not to weigh in on some heavy issues pertaining to the future of this nation and, let’s be honest–the world.

I mean, Disney owns Star Wars???  GET OUT!

It was the shot heard round the world.  Headlines were screaming things like:




It was shocking announcements like these that had the world holding its breath.  Especially that last one.  For a few glorious hours, there was no Obama, no Romney.

There was only Skywalker.

Obviously, my Facebook Newsfeed is stacked with Star Wars stuff anyway, but I couldn’t believe the number of people that posted and commented about Star Wars.  Average Joes in my Friends List that I didn’t even think knew Star Wars existed.

It was beautiful.

The news continues today with interviews of directors and writers on where they would take the franchise legacy–and more importantly, the Lucasfilm execs are doing the same.

A lot of people wondered what I thought about all this.  It’s me, after all.  I’m like a door-to-door vacuum salesman when it comes to “The Wars.”  I’ve handed out more Star Wars novels, DVDs, and factoids than anyone.  I don’t think my high school would have known what Star Wars was if it weren’t for me.  And all those folks couldn’t wait to call or text me with the news–jab the red hot poker into my side and see if they could get a rise.

But guess what?  I love the red hot poker.  At least in this instance.

Am I worried about the future of Star Wars?  Hell no.  Star Wars has a future now.  I can get behind that.  Big time.

But as with any change to a beloved franchise, there are naysayers.  The “George Lucas: Childhood Rapist” club has emerged again–the most inappropriate of all comments, by the way–and a generation of embittered old men in their parents’ basements swooned.  And by “swooned” I mean “ran to the Internet and unloaded over-dramatic ultimatums and death threats.”

Here’s the thing:  Even if Episode VII sucks balls–it’s not going to change how I feel about the original Star Wars trilogy.  And if it changes how YOU feel about it, well, you’re probably a douche with some major issues.

I think Star Wars fans are lucky.  Luckier than they’ve ever been.  The “Holy Trilogy” just got a little more immortal-er.

And here’s the kicker:  after 35 years, we now have writers/filmmakers that are fluent in Star Wars.  It’s practically a career field.  Anyone willing to take a stab at Star Wars now will be a true blue [harvest] fan that was not only inspired by the original films, but has studied them.

JJ Abrams at the helm?  Spielberg?  Yeah, that would just be the worst.  Sure.

I even heard this morning that the rumor mill has Zac Efron playing Luke Skywalker.  Not even pissed.  That guy’s great!  17 Again?  That guy’s got chops!

Long story short, I’m excited to see what galaxy this ship travels to next.

Unless you somehow change the Millennium Falcon.  Then, Star Wars, we’re through.

And now, some MS Paint:


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