i still function

Where have I been?  That’s a good question.  I’ve been busy with a multitude of things–but nothing more prominent than relaxing.  Or decompressing, maybe.  Re-energizing, for sure.

I hate to admit it, but every once in awhile I get to the point where putting another word on paper becomes a chore.   Status updates, Twitter tweets, blog after blog after blog.  I mean, I wrote a book, people, don’t I deserve a goddamn break?!


So I took a conscious step back from the proverbial page and focused on the things that bring me great pleasure:  food, drink, and Transformers.

I also threw in some Tae-Bo for good measure and work is always busy–even at its slowest–so it wasn’t all fun and games.

But mostly fun and games, yes.

I visited some old friends, and family.  I read books that weren’t my own, which was nice.  You’d be surprised how sick of your own book you get when you’re going over it, day after day, combing it for errors and changes.

Don’t get me wrong, guys, it’s good.  Really good.  Hella good, even.  Let’s not go cancelling any orders here, right?  Buddy?

I met a new friend.  He’s from Chile, a country which I knew almost nothing about except that one time my ex-girlfriend studied there and when she came back she dumped me.  So, I guess I had kind of an aversion to Chile.  It steals girlfriends, obviously.  But Nico (said Chilean) is pretty cool.  And his English is so good that I’m actually learning some Espanol, rather than just regurgitating it like a handsome parrot.  Anyway, he’s in law school and I taught him how to tend bar and now he doesn’t want to go back.  Whoops.


Perhaps my greatest accomplishment is getting my girlfriend (the current, non-evil one) to actually enjoy Transformers.  Not just enjoy, but actually choose to watch seasons of it on DVD.  I don’t know how long I can run with this, but I’m running with it.  Far and wide.

I just needed to get out a little.

You know, get some perspective.


Bumpy as it was, it was a good break.  And while I think I deserved it, I also think it’s time to get my head back in the game.  The Writing Game, that is.  My literary tendons have atrophied and there seems to be some blockage in the ideas pipe these days.   Writing is truly a skill that must be exercised daily.  Unlike Tae-Bo, which hurts my groin if I do it daily.

So it is back to you, Blog, you cold bitch.  And back to you, Twitter, you savage fuck.  And Facebook, don’t even get me started.  But it is with you three I will reclaim the gladiatorial arena that is the Internet.  I will create a presence.  I will be my own hype boy.

Coming of Mage is, well, coming.  Soon.

Sssh, you didn't see this.
Sssh, you didn’t see this.

And while I should probably get crackin’ on that whole sequel thing, I can’t help but want to explore some other ideas.  Other styles of writing.  I’ve been reading 1984, okay, people?  That is literature, man.  I want to write that.  Literature, I mean–not 1984.  That’s been done.  Although, is there a sequel?  A 1985, as it were?  Now that’s a franchise!


But fear not, fans of old, I’m not switching over to fine literature entirely.  (Probably impossible.)  I’ve still got plenty of quirk up my sleeve.  And by quirk, I mean dragons, robots, and a slew of other hard-to-believe shit that I’m going to make you like.  And I haven’t given up on Vampires Not Allowed.



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