“directionless” or “why i put a rock down my pants”

Update:  it’s cold again.  So much so that I took a stone that had been sitting on the heater (in a decorative manner) and shoved down my pants.

Not the front of my pants, freako.  The rear.  Where it’s more normal.

Before you go getting any disturbing visuals, I simply placed the heated rock in a snug position at the small of my back, held in place by my belt.  Let me say this:  it was, like, instant warmth.  Like your first shot of whiskey–without your douchebag friend slapping you on the back.  Perhaps it has something to do with that cluster of nerves at the base of your spine that I learned about on LOST, or the fact that it was really freaking chilly in my living room, but that rock felt amazing in my pants!

Well, this has been my day so far.  To be fair, you’re the one reading my blog.

Even though I really think I’m onto something with this hot-rock-pants thing, I’m willing to move on.  I have the day off and the afternoon entirely to myself.  So obviously I have no direction whatsoever.

Do I write?  Do I read?  Do I edit?  Do I blog?  How much coffee do I drink?

Lot of questions.

Well, of course, I should write.  I should do that everyday.  I’m writing right now.  So there’s that.  But I also really, really need to edit the second run-through ofCOMING OF MAGE.  But (of course) my brain is pulsing with a new idea that I want to explore.  Or rather, an old idea I want to revisit.  A college writing venture that never got the treatment I thought it deserved.

About ghosts.

But there’s about a billion other things on my plate.  I need to put the proverbial clamps (is it ‘proverbial’ if it’s from Futurama?) to all my pals helping me with MAGE.  Concept art, trailers, soundtracks, cover designs–I got a lot of favors to call in.  My publisher–God, I love how that sounds!–says it’s time to start doing some “pre-release legwork.”

And it is.  There’s only three full months and some change until Release Day.  That’s hardly enough time to generate a proper buzz.  I usually spend six months just hyping my birthday party.  Maybe that was my problem.  Curse you, birthday buzz!

Step 1:  Create an Internet Presence.

Here I am, Internet!  I’m present!

Easy.  What’s Step 2?

Seriously, though, I realize how silly a dilemma this is to have.  Brand new piece or the book getting published?  Work on something that will probably end up as an unfinished word document on my flashdrive or get my ass in gear polishing my surefire gemstone?

Surefire gemstone?  That sounds awesome!  I wonder if I can use that in something?

See?  See how easy it is to get distracted by some other idea?  It’s cruel!  Put it this way:  this is the literary equivalent of that night in college where you had to choose between a party and a term paper.

Yeah, don’t act like you picked the term paper.

So which way do I go?  What page do I flip to in this Choose-Your-Own-Adventure book?  Come on, people, I’m sitting here at this coffee shop and I’m almost out of coffee and I’ve only accomplished one mediocre blog post with no pictures!  WWJD?!

I could just work on all the projects a little bit……

Oh lord.  Maybe I should’ve just stayed home with a warm surefire gemstone down my pants.

The back of them, you sicko!

the back
Okay, one picture.

One thought on ““directionless” or “why i put a rock down my pants”

  1. Work on you edit when you can. We can’t move forward till you do.

    Work on new ideas when you when you must. Muses don’t follow human timescales.

    Work on the COM prequel as much as possible. It’s a central part of your buzz strategy.

    Hope the advice is useful.

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