moving on up

I survived April Fools Day.

Possibly my most dreaded day of the year, AFD is a day invented by jerks and celebrated by assholes.  Thus, I refuse to check social networks and media sources of any kind.  When our journalism isn’t even safe–what kind of world do we live in?!

One of my friends even announced her real pregnancy that day–who does that?!  I don’t know what to believe anymore!

Fortunately, I was pretty occupied all day, moving and such.  And that’s not an April Fools Day prank.  (It’d be a pretty lame one, I guess.)

Yes, it was a whirlwind move from my little condo out east of town.  Long story short:  the landlord was giving the apartment to her niece, so we weren’t allowed to renew our lease.  Shit happens.  We found a nice place right in town but we had to move in ASAP to get it.  So what do you do?

Throw all your stuff haphazardly in boxes and move.  Duh.

Unfortunately all that stuff has remained haphazardly in said boxes.  Not just because of my normal level of laziness, but because painters need to get at the walls.  They’re a little choppy.  Apparently the previous tenants were big fans of those inspirational phrase stickers.  You know, like, Home is Where the Heart is in fancy lettering, or Laughter is Sunshine for the Soul.  Shit like that.

Of course, they weren’t as dainty and elegant when they moved out because now I have all these torn-away half-phrases and chunks of my wall missing.

Smile, it     Stars   now   happy!

Thus all our stuff will stay in boxes until the paint is done spattering.  It’s not all bad.  Not bad at all really.  It’s a little disorienting, sure, but I can’t argue with a couple nights in a hotel room, an excuse to eat pizza and beer–it’s easier! No cleanup! Gimme a break!–and the promise of a fresh coat of paint.  Plus, it gives me ample time to decide where I want to put the TV and the lamp.

I guess the only con–besides the various expenses that come with moving–is that it puts a hiccup in my writing stuff.  It’s more a mental hiccup than a physical one.  When your living situation is disorganized, so are your thoughts.  Not ideal for a writer.

My book is just two short months away from being released.  I know I’m behind on things–I just don’t know what those things are.  I know it needs a cover.  The jury is still out on that.  There’s been so much arguing and back-and-forth and hurt feelings on the matter, I’m almost at the point where the cover could be a piece of a cereal box just so long as it holds the pages in place.

It’s out of my hands.  It’s just that cliche artist thing where eventually you have to let your baby go.  I suppose I’m lucky that I didn’t really have to sacrifice any of the story.  If the cover art is the battle I lose in all this, then I’m getting off pretty light.

But summer is right around the corner.  I’m sure once the real weather becomes more like the weather in Mage, I will become more excited about the marketing/PR stuff.  Everyone loves a good summer story–and that’s exactly what I wrote.

Just a quick update today before I head out to clean up my old place.  All in all, it’s going to be nice to be in town again. Plugged right into the hub of summer activity is not a bad place for an author of a summer book.

What are you guys looking forward to this summer?  Come on, send me some warm thoughts up here–it’s still freezing!


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