dungeons & agents

Yesterday the wheels started spinning for me writing another novel.  I mean, those wheels are always spinning, technically, but yesterday really revved the engine.

Strange Chemistry, the YA offshoot of Angry Robot, announced it’s “Unagented Submissions 2013” promotion.  What does that cacophonous moniker mean?  It means that a Young Adult SF&F publisher that I adore is taking book manuscripts from people without agents.

People like me.

Typically, one’s manuscript is supposed to circulate via a literary agent–like a Jerry Maguire of the book world.  As an agent is a paid profession, I definitely don’t have one.  So an opportunity like this is….mint.

Immediately I opened every ideas notebook I had, plugged every ‘ideas flashdrive’ into my laptop and started searching for next big thing.  Something irresistible.  Undeniable, as Barry Katz might say.

How ’bout the alternate history space one?  No, no, that’s more Middle Grade.  Oh!  The Steampunk Prohibition one!  Well…it’s a little out there.

imagine dragons

Got it!  The dragon one. (As if there’s only ONE dragon one.)  So I sat down to the start of what I think is the most epic story in Young Adult history….and immediately started cutting.

This can’t be here!  This has to come later!  This?!  What was I thinking?! 

So, apparently, I don’t have a solid a manuscript as I thought.  So…work on something else?  Or gut the dragon one, start from scratch, and power through?  The story’s all there in my head, just needs to get on paper.  Seems silly, considering I’m almost full-time plugging my first book that comes out in a month–in a month!–but, man, oh, man.

This is that challenge that keeps me awake at night.  Electric shivers.  The whole bit.

So if I’m pretty scarce the next couple days, you know I’m up to my ankles in outlines and sketches.  I have to give it the ol’ college try.  I don’t want to spend my life wondering what could’ve been.

And this dragon story is really good.  Like crazy good.

And before I get any phone calls, I love love love my current publisher, NORTH STAR PRESS. That’s why I gave them their very own LIKE box probably right to the left of here. They gave me an amazing opportunity and Coming of Mage is going to knock your socks off.

Right, Brandon?


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