We have, what, like an entire year left until the next Transformers movie?  And you haven’t seen any credible storyline suggestions, have you?  Me neither.

That means I can still save the day!  I have a few suggestions of my own.  I’ve put a lot of thought on where these sequels could go and, both logically and entertainically, I think I have the answer.

**Note:  I am not in any way, shape, or form saying that I won’t see the movie if they don’t go with my idea.  However, my girlfriend did say that, so….credibility.  But, no, I for one will stand eagerly in line for whatever is on that big screen.  I am definitely not one of those douche bags that are posting Autoblasphemy–Decepticursing?— all over the message boards at  Yikes.  Pathetic.

Okay, so, first of all, you have the MOST slam-dunk opportunity for a title of all time:


Come on, guys.  I definitely shouldn’t have had to spend my morning making that graphic.  I’ve got better things to do.  That’s on you.

Second of all, I found this image this morning:


That’s just awesome.

Thirdly, onto my synopsis:

The setting?  10 or 2o years in the future.  Whaaaaaat?!  Seriously though:  I’m serious.  If Mark Wahlberg is going to play Sam Witwicky, we gotta move the story this far down the line.  Plus, the world needs to be changed drastically enough for this story.  And, come on, it’s not like we haven’t seen this before.  Remember the 80s cartoon?  From the end of Season 2 ’til the movie, about a billion years passed.  Not an actual billion, but enough that high school freshman Spike Witwicky suddenly had a teenage son who was sporting a hoverboard!

…and space-age quasi-futuristic clothes!

Okay, I’m getting sidetracked.  So back to the plot.  Well……according to IMDB, it appears Mark Wahlberg is going to play somebody named Flynn Vincent….


Alright, whatever, I’m still saying he’s playing the grownup version of Shia Labeouf’s character.  I gotta have that Sam-Bumblebee dynamic.  It grew on me.  Deal with it.

Okay, so we open on a post-Dark of the Moon world where the last of the Decepticons have been rounded up and either A) exterminated or B) assimilated.  All of the destruction and carnage caused by their last scheme has been repaired and, in some cases, improved upon.  Why?  Because the “assimilated” Decepticons are on sort of a work release program.  Autobots let them live and, in return, they use their transforming abilities for good: garbage trucks, ambulances, firetrucks, even whole factories in some instances!  The world has prospered under this free, unlimited labor and technology and Cybertronians have become a staple of human society.  Forced rehabilitation has become complacency which has become pride.

And how is all this equilibrium possible, you might ask?  Well, we already saw the Energon detectors in DotM, but upgrades have been made.  Including a registry of all individual Decepticon and Autobot signatures.  In fact, that’s what Sam and Bee have been up to in the time passed:  sort of a Cybertronian census.  It used to be fieldwork, but now it’s more office duties.  Paperwork.   There’s no more “Robots in Disguise”…now, there’s just The Grid: a sophisticated Person of Interest-esque piece of tech that keeps tabs on bots all around the world.

But enough time has passed that some of the aggression is returning to the Decepticons.  And, in some cases, the Autobots.  I mean, why are they still rebuilding our planet?  Surely their crimes have been paid for?  And what about the Autobots that sought refuge there long after the war–surely they owe no reparations to a battle they weren’t a part of?

_39357008_italian_job203aOn the way to Sam’s birthday dinner, he voices his worries to Bumblebee about their future in a world where there are no more factions, no more hiding.  This is Sam’s first “job that matters” for which he was always striving.

Now, with the completion of The Grid, his days of hitting the road with his old pal are over.  There’s no more need for them to follow leads, investigate, and rundown lowlife Decepticons anymore.  This fate has been in the making for awhile.  Even Bumblebee’s vehicle mode has become a little more….desk-jobby.


They’ve effectively rendered themselves out of a job, out of necessity.  Bumblebee, who has always felt this way among the Autobots, is especially concerned.  What’s a Scout with nothing to scout?

The evening is not lost on either of them.  Sam meets up with his wife for a modest dinner–the days of beers and bars behind them–and then, with leftovers cooling in Bumblebee’s backseat, the two humans climb atop the little Autobot’s hood and have themselves a romp for old time’s sake; their backdrop, the city at night as seen from high up on the cliff where they’ve parked.

The next day all hell breaks loose.  What was supposed to be just another day on the job quickly spreads into total anarchy.

The Grid goes down.

A mysterious virus perhaps?  A glitch or an act of terrorism?  Nobody knows.  At first, the only panic is around the NEST offices.  But soon the word spreads to the public at large, humans and Cybetronians alike.  What happens to the social norms when The Grid no longer knows who’s who?

In a scene of absolute chaos, the world falls into widespread looting and rioting on an apocalyptic scale.  Bots that have worked side by side with humans for years, cleaning the streets of garbage bins or shuttling car accident victims to hospitals, suddenly have nothing bonding them but trust.  And trust only goes so far.  And it’s not just former Decepticons crushing their human partners in their chest cavities, it’s a fed up generation of Autobots too.

Some good remains on both sides.  Decepticons that have bonded to their comrades, Autobots that don’t mind an honest day’s work.   These are the bots and humans that Optimus Prime–still the greatest Transformer of all time–rounds up for his team.  The insignia on your hood doesn’t matter anymore:  you do good, you are good.  And a sort of martial law takes over as Ops and his new team try desperately to keep the peace in some of the bigger cities.

But Sam and Bumblebee?  No way.  Optimus has a special mission for them.  They are to go undercover.  Deep undercover, and try to find some answers.  Who’s behind this?  Where are the seeds of dissent being sowed?  Travelling city to city, assessing who is friend and who is foe, the two finally find purpose again.  Only, neither of them feel particularly good about their wish for usefulness being granted.

Meanwhile, Optimus deals with his external demons, as well as his internal ones.  Is this blowback his fault?  Did too much pressure on creating a functioning society built on justice lead to this eruption?  Is this what ‘Freedom is the right of all sentient beings’ really means?  Where did he lose sight of that?

And on the road, Bumblebee and Sam learn some horrifying truths.  A synthetic form of Energon is hitting the streets.  Not only is it making this new batch of Decepticons stronger/faster/tougher, but it’s also completely undetectable by modern technology.  Sam and Bee are pushed back even further than square one: this won’t be answering “Autobot or Decepticon?” like their census work.

This will be answering “Car or Robot?”

“Plane or Robot?”

“Gas Pump or Robot?”

“Needle or Haystack?”

Oh, and The Grid is just the first thing to go.  The next target?  Electricity in general.  Now how’s that for going dark?

Then you just fill in bots as needed.  I’d like to see they stylish, vain Knock Out from Prime.  But maybe as more of a disgruntled medic, not quite good, but not quite evil.  This guy is the new Starscream, except he’s answering to Optimus…at least, for now.


Let’s get a Wheelie back, not as the foul-mouthed RC truck from the last two flicks, but a motorcycle or scooter, with that childlike innocence from the original 80s movie.


Boom.  Now that’s a plot.  You have characters with motivation, a setup for action and mystery, and plenty of room for a new trilogy.

Seriously, though, any thoughts on what the new plot could be?  What favorite Transformers do you want to see in this flick?  Any of the usual bots need to be remodeled?  What vehicles would you pick?

Transform and Sound Off!


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