Episode 8 – GDND – Grownup Drinking Ninja Dudes

My other venture. Very proud of the tangent in Segment 4.

2 Dudes [ in the Woods ]

The Dudes knuckle up as the Fisherman’s Picnic descends upon the quiet little town of Grand Marais.  Neither mutants nor robots NOR old people NOR ‘Sconnies could stop this episode from packing an audio punch!  Cowabunga!

  • Dude Brews – A very special sampler pack from across the border in New Glarus, WI.
  • Fish Pic! What the Dudes are looking forward to (and fearing, in some cases) about the biggest Grand Marais event of the summer.  Even bigger than Wally’s birthday.  (Shocker!)
  • Wally News – now with even MORE penis news.
  • D2-5 – The premiere of a new segment turns into an in-depth discussion of all things Ninja: Turtles, weapons, hopes, and dreams.

Download “2DITW_ep8”

Mikel’s Radical Show Notes:

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