November 1st. All Hallows. Arguably spookier than its eve.

Meh, not really. That’s something I delude myself into thinking so that I can try to stretch out the magic of Halloween, but it never really works. My friend and I used to get up early to see if we could see any spirits returning to their graves after a late night out, but this morning I just slept in.

There is a sort of gloomy funk that settles in the day after Halloween. You take down the decorations. You put away your copy of It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. You look at the leftover candy bowl, gulp loudly, and think, Uh-oh.

It’s the Dehalloweenification Process. Happens every year. But this year I can’t really complain. I had a pretty fulfilling October.

For starters, Kate got the decorations up right on the 1st, so I had an entire month of eerie, all-out Halloween decor.

I gorged myself on pumpkin-everything, as planned. Check, check, and double-check!

Probably for the first time ever I watched ALL the Halloween movies I wanted to watch–

  • ParaNorman
  • Frankenweenie
  • Hocus Pocus
  • It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown
  • The American Scream
  • Spooky Buddies
  • Trick’r Treat (a Halloween night tradition)

–not to mention I watched all The Office Halloween specials, a good chunk of Supernatural, and a little Long Island Medium, just for a good cry. Plus as I cooked Halloween dinner, I caught up on The Goldbergs‘ Halloween episode. That show is perfect.

What was Halloween dinner you ask? Spooky tacos, of course. I did spooky pizzas last year, but…I really wanted tacos. What made them spooky? Well, nothing really, although I was a little disturbed at how few leftovers there were.

Dinner ended up a little cold as Kate and I put our last-second decorations. The excitement that we might actually have Trick-or-Treaters this year really caught fire. Last year, we were out in the middle of nowhere. No Trick-or-Treaters…no ‘neighborhood’ for that matter.


So although the grub wasn’t piping hot, and Trick’r Treat was being constantly interrupted by our just-delivered-in-time wireless doorbell, it was nice to actually hand out candy to costumed kids. Hadn’t done that in years. If I haven’t made it clear: I love living in town.

Grand Marais really comes alive for Halloween. Initially, the town seemed devoid of decor, but out of nowhere, the town was little up with creepy displays. Screams and giggles echoed all through the neighborhood.

After the movie concluded, we hightailed it down to the Fosters’ Mustache Bash for some healthy snacks, a lot of laughs, and an…interesting photo shoot.

No comment.

Then I did something I haven’t done on Halloween ever. I went to the pub for a pint. Between having to work, not having the funds, or living too far away, that was something I’ve never been able to do. And even though it wasn’t the 1920s speakeasy of costumes and debauchery I expected it was, it was nice to cram another tradition into the last hour of Halloween.


Long story short, the Dehalloweenification isn’t as as bitter this year. I tackled all my old traditions, and started some new ones. I spent it with people. I spent it on the North Shore. I spent it alive.

So, I guess the only really scary thing about November 1st is that I’ll be 30 in less than a week.



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