summer thaw

Is this thing still here? Wow.
Seven months since my last post. Which was a birthday post, so…guess I’m almost 31. Double wow.
It was a busy winter, to say the least. Not for writing, or anything creative, but for the ski resort restaurant that keeps me busy. I get wrapped up in the ebb and flow of the drama every season, forgetting I’m a writer. This usually the time of year where I ‘quit’ writing. Forever.
For seven months.
This season was no exception, although it definitely felt more permanent than usual. Even when I ‘quit’ writing, I still usually write something. A Facebook status at the very least. I could count this winter’s statuses on my hand.
So, yeah, it was a rough winter. I hear there was also weather.
A lot has changed since my last post. Nearly all my friends/family/coworkers have quit the restaurant and moved on. Everywhere I look is a new face. In a secluded neck of the woods like I reside, you don’t realize how close knit you are with your coworkers. I rarely hung out with any of them outside of work, but now…the option doesn’t even exist. In a way–a very dramatic, absolutist way–it’s like the last few years of my life have been erased.
They say you should never go into business with family, but I think it’s for moments like this. I don’t care how amicable it was, it’s still too damn quiet around here.
But, there is a thaw happening. Both physically and metaphorically. The inspiration is coming back. The desire to create. The desire to even learn new forms is there.
For example, I’m about 2/3 completed on a screenplay. That’s a new one for me, and a gear I’d like to permanently shift.
I’ve also been stepping up my ‘art mode.’ Aspirations of getting a WACOM tablet and interning at Hasbro are dancing in my head. Even contacted my alma mater about furthering my education.
But I guess the lesson is the same every season: Writing is a muscle. Gotta flex it.


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