badass and the beast

“What’s your name, little girl?”

“Alice,” I lied.

“Well, Alice,” she said, steepling an eyebrow, “if you’re very quiet, I’ll show you a magic trick.”

BadassTourBannerMay2015< last stop: monica la porta                           next stop: shelly m. burrows >


Awhile back I was approached to be part of a project that I didn’t even hesitate to say yes to. The Mission?

  • 1) Assemble a team of authors to create an anthology of stories with one thing in common: a badass female protagonist with an loyal animal companion.
  • 2) Donate all the proceeds to a charity whose cause was animal well-being.

I loved everything about this idea. Pure genius. Today, I’m very happy/proud/elated/stoked to say Mission Accomplished.

The aptly-named Badass and Beast launched last week, with all proceeds being donated to the Animal Welfare Institute. How awesome is that?

Also awesome? Because of my last name, I got top billing! Whoo! First story in the pack, y’all! I know most of you probably assume that I struck a side deal because of my massive ego, but really it just comes down to good ol’ alphabetical luck. Thanks, Mom and Dad.

Oh, the story? I guess I can talk about that too. 

My story is called Follow the Fox. On the surface, it’s the story of one young girl’s quest to find the thief that wronged her, but as the mystery unravels, it’s clear there’s much more going on.

Additionally, if you’re a fan of Prohibition-era Chicago, steampunk hijinks, or just a good caper, this tale is for you. And, if you couldn’t tell from the title, this story contains the greatest creature ever: the fox.

My Spirit Animal

Long story short: if you’ve been craving a classic Mikel Andrews story, this is it. Or if you just want to make a purchase that you can feel good about, it fulfills that too.

Or you can try to win a copy here, along with some other sweet swag (like beer glasses, books, and $50 Amazon gift card! Whaaaaaat?!)

Buy an awesome book. Feel all the feels. Help some animals. Invest in some karma. Be a badass.

What are you waiting for?


*I also want to thank Kory Shrum and Angela Roquet for giving me the opportunity to tag along on this ride and for putting in some serious pro-bono editing hours. They are awesome–and conveniently featured in the anthology along with some major talent that I’m honored to share these pages with.

The Badass and the Beast Tour Continues!

May 5th            Kory M. Shrum
May 6th            Angela Roquet
May 7th            Kathrine Pendleton
May 8th            Monica LaPorta
May 11th          Mikel Andrews
May 12th          Shelly M. Burrows
May 13th          Liz Schulte
May 14th          Jason T. Graves 
May 15th          Jasie Gale


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