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I have to write another book. My writing career has been a roller coaster lately. An existential tornado of Should I-Shouldn’t I? Give it up or give it my all? That’s the question. I don’t want to give it up just yet, so I’m trying a new angle. For Coming of Mage, I crowdfunded my first wave of books *insert endless wave of thank-you’s here* It was almost like a preorder. But, as it turns out, there’s a site that streamlines this process and it’s super cool.

It’s called Inkshares and frankly it’s pretty awesome. And by awesome, I mean genius. Here’s the rundown:

  1. Start with an idea, a 20-word pitch of your book.
  2. Get some followers and take it sitewide.
  3. Add excerpts, sample chapters, and a book cover.
  4. Crowdfund that badboy!
  5. Become a famous author.

That’s it! Easy, right? Okay, that last part might be a little tougher than expected. But The Nerdist is running a contest for any project launched between August 15th and the end of September. Books chosen by The Nerdist will get–among other perks–notoriety from their website and social media. That’s basically free marketing, people. To my target audience, no less.

Was I a little skeptical about all this? Sure. But once I signed up for the site, explored some pitches, and ordered a novel, I was hooked. The book I ordered is Abomination by Gary Whitta, a well-known screenwriter that wanted to try his hand at writing. The story is amazing and the book itself is a really high-quality binding.

So I tested the waters with a few ideas that have been floating around my head. But yesterday, I’m reading Abomination, and I think Why am I trying to come up with a new book idea when I’ve been sitting on one for years?!

notes_on_dragon_book_wyrmwood_fallsAs some of you know–but most probably don’t–I’ve had this “dragon thing” on the back burner for years. Before Coming of Mage, before the North Shore–before this blog even! It’s a pretty unique paranormal fantasy that I’ve been trying to shoehorn into a Young Adult novel. I even tried submitting the partial manuscript to a YA publisher via an Open Door Submission event for agentless authors (ie-me). Sadly, the publisher closed its doors permanently. I was stuck with a partially complete manuscript and a bit of a broken heart.

But one thing that submission contest did was give me purpose. Focus. I cranked out more words in a couple months than I had in years combined. It felt great. I want that purpose again, that drive.

After all, it’s hard to do homework without a due date.

the story so far

My working title is Wyrmwood Falls. The story itself is kind of a mystery, so without giving too much away, the book follows the lives of four college freshmen: Isaac, Mira, Ben, and Cait. Isaac is running from past ghosts, literally and figuratively. Mira is trying to reconnect with her mysteriously aloof brother. Ben is having troubling partying and chasing girls with the threat of military academy so close. And Cait is just trying to fit in with her new “extracurricular club,” but unfortunately she’s been tasked with a mission that borders on black-ops. Through a series of entangling events, each of them crosses paths with not only each other, but a pair of secret societies on the verge of war. Like all my best work, magic, dragons, and swords play a big role as the puzzle pieces fall into place. But this one also has the backdrop of college nostalgia and the atmosphere of a psychological thriller.

The beauty of getting this work published through Inkshares is that I wouldn’t have to focus on the shoehorning. I can write the story I want. Tell the tale that’s in my head.

what you can do

I really hope for everyone’s support as I embark on this adventure, if not monetarily than by word of mouth. Sharing and word-of-mouth is going to be a huge part of this. You guys know the drill.

For the first wave, I would really appreciate some follows on my idea. The more “likes” I get, the more Wyrmwood Falls is promoted around the website, and thus the more followers and feedback I’ll get in return. So, if you have a minute, check out my idea here, sign into Inkshares (using Facebook and Twitter makes registration super easy), and give me a follow.


My idea notwithstanding, the site is super cool. Clicking through the ideas gets addicting–and you can even get credit towards purchasing/pre-ordering just by being active. (I racked up $25 in my first day alone!)

Look, it’s a long road ahead. I get it. But I can’t give up. I hope you’ll join me on this journey. If not for me, then for the story. This tale is epic. I see it as a trilogy. In fact, forget about me entirely. Do this for Isaac. And Ben. And Mira. And Cait. Do this for the want of a good story. Do this to fill that gap in storytelling that we’ve all been missing.

In a world where every book seems to follow the Twilight equation, isn’t it about time we got some f***ing dragons?!


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