ancient wookie mourning rituals

Newsflash: I love Star Wars. A lot. It should come as no surprise to anyone that I listen to a Star Wars podcast. Rebel Force Radio is one of the most polished, most entertaining shows I’ve ever listened to, and the only one I stick with consistently. And since the awesome awesome awesome Force Awakens […]

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wiggle your big toe

I need to keep writing. Plain and simple. So here I go. I’m no stranger to breaks between projects. Hiatuses, even. Sometimes I even tell myself I quit forever! I know deep down it’s not true. Just feels good to shake your fist at the heavens sometimes, ya know? But the last few months have […]

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seekers – part two

< < seekers – part one I regretted it the minute I said it. But you can’t unsay things, right? The words were out there, floating in the air between us. Dead kid. “Let’s split up,” Pricey suggested. “I’ll head east. Thomas, west. Miles, split the difference.” Thomas scowled. “Which way’s west?” “Follow the moon, […]

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seekers – part one

We pushed our bikes as hard as the gears would allow. Sometimes my sneaker slipped from the pedal, peeling skin from my leg. My lungs burned. I was convinced no air was getting in, but somehow I was still alive. It was night, sometime after dinner. That’s how we told time in the summer, right? […]

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the force never slept

I wondered what would bring me back here to dust off the shelves of this blog. I should’ve known. It’s always the Wars. Newsflash: Star Wars is back. That’s right, it’s official: we now live in a day and age where it is cooler to say you love Star Wars than it is to pretend […]

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imagine dragons

where i’m at I have to write another book. My writing career has been a roller coaster lately. An existential tornado of Should I-Shouldn’t I? Give it up or give it my all? That’s the question. I don’t want to give it up just yet, so I’m trying a new angle. For Coming of Mage, I […]

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bored games

So why all this game design stuff lately?   Little more than a year ago, I purchased Forbidden Island at a game shop. Why? I don’t know. I was in a geeky mood, I was comfortable with the price range, seemed simple enough to play, the packaging looked like metal heaven… This was my first […]

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