story mode

epic short stories.

choose your adventure.

console 2rst logo 8 bit

Boy meets Girl. Girl gets kidnapped. Boy learns to pilot a robot suit. Also, there’s a monkey.

level select

part 1 RST

Part 2 RST

part 3 RST

part 4 RST

bonus RST

console 2


Cutter who? Prophecy what? Epic fantasy with a shot of modern tech. 

level select

part 1 CUTTER

part 2 CUTTER

part 3 CUTTER

part 4 CUTTER

part 5 CUTTER

part 6 CUTTER

console 2

VNA logo

The bachelorette party from Hell. Literally. And what’s the deal with Mary?

level select

part 1 vamp

part 2 vamp

part 3 vamp

part 4 vamp


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