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short stories.

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choose your adventure.

Shocking tales of adventure and intrigue! Stories published in serial format without (almost) any outlining! Planning schmanning! Tell your friends! Challenge your mind!

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Rust, Sweat & Tears
Love in the time of robots. Small town nostalgia and big time swashbuckling meet in this twisty take on ‘guy-gets-girl.’ Bonus: there’s a sequel. Another bonus: there’s a monkey.

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link: part 1 - the girl

link: part 2 - the monkey

link: part 3 - the pursuit

link: part 4 - the truth

link: Kindle ebook - Rust Sweat and Tears

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The Chronicles of Cutter
An ancient prophecy on the horizon? A princess on the run from her disgruntled wizard teacher? A strange boy with a knack for gadgets and a buried secret? Sounds epic.

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part 1 CUTTER

part 2 CUTTER

part 3 CUTTER

part 4 CUTTER

part 5 CUTTER

part 6 CUTTER

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Vampires [Not] Allowed
The bachelorette party from Hell—literally. Four friends, four different versions, one sucky night. What goes down in this small suburb has everybody asking, “Who’s Mary?”

level select

part 1 vamp

part 2 vamp

part 3 vamp

part 4 vamp


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